The Tenth Life reveals a battle between man and cats to the death

 The Tenth Life is a novel that explores the newly proven theory that there is species to human transmission long before the Covid 19 outbreak. If you are a cat lover you will need to explore this story and see how cats themselves are victorious. By Michael J Owen the book is available now on Kindle and on Amazon as a paperback.

 Once again the efforts to raise the profile of Black Cats in the UK may have failed as the numbers being abandoned continue to rise. Black cat day has come and gone Blue Cross, the animal charity, has taken in it's highest number of black cats ever. In many ways they have great qualities like any cat but with the added distinction of a strong powerful colour. Here Blackie features as a star in The Tenth Life the story of how cats beat the virus!

Sheba is staring at you!

How the new pandemic has spread to cats

 It would seem we are on the brink of a new pandemic as a new mutation of Covid 19 affects 17 million mink in farms in Denmark. However this is only the latest and largest outbreak. In In June 24 mink farms were infected in the Netherlands and in Teruel Spain almost 100,000 were culled after the outbreak. Cats at one mink farm in the Netherlands had also been infected. The fear is that infection cam spread from the mink to humans. Even more dangerous is the way the virus mutates and changes. Such possibilities are explored in The Tenth Life examining how viral mutations may change animal behaviour. To find out how this might happen and how it could end check out The Tenth Life on Amazon Kindle and in paperback.

Cats can kill or perhaps they can spread a deadly virus

 Cats may be unwitting virus spreaders says University College London September 2020). Professor Joanne Santini said: 'We need to develop surveillance strategies to ensure we don't get taken by surprise by a large outbreak in animals which could pose a threat not just to animal health but to human health as well.' As a result of research this is the very theme explored in 'The Tenth Life' where the cat is believed to be the source of a virus murderous to humanity.

See how this them is explored in 'The Tenth Life' a creative exploration of cats at the centre of a dramatic spread of a virus.
Available now on Kindle and Amazon Paperback written by Michael J Owen.

There a five types of cat owners apparently which one are you?

 Exeter University reckon in research recently published that there are only 5 types of cat owners and they range from 'conscientious caretakers' to 'freedom defenders'. They based their scores on how cat owners had varying attitudes to their cats killing birds and small mammals. How do you get into the mind of a cat? It is a difficult process especially when trying to write as if you were in a cats mind as I did in my new book 'The Tenth Life' which imagines the most intelligent cat the world has ever experienced. 'The Tenth Life' by Michael J Owen available now from Kindle and Amazon.

 Cat's leg amputated after airgun shooting! In Caernarvon in Wales Sparky was discovered having been shot in his right thigh which was shattered. Sadly the leg had to be amputated but Sparky recovered at home. Another sad case of historical 'cat attack' . This theme is explored in detail in repeated attacks on cats in 'The Tenth Life' written by Michael J Owen and available on Kindle and Amazon Paperback.

Picture from The Daily Post Wales