Cats head Zombie Apocalypse!

A number of conservationists claim cats are a zombie apocalypse for biodiversity that need to be removed from the outdoors by "any means necessary" – coded language for shooting, trapping and poisoning. Various media outlets have portrayed cats as murderous superpredators. Australia has even declared an official "war" against cats.

Moral panics emerge when people perceive an existential threat to themselves, society or the environment. When in the grip of a moral panic, the ability to think clearly and act responsibly is compromised. While the moral panic over cats arises from valid concerns over threats to native species, it obscures the real driver: humanity's exploitative treatment of the natural world. Crucially, errors of scientific reasoning also underwrite this false crisis

Mobile Home houses 30 cats in Arizona

Nearly 30 cats and kittens were rescued from inside an RV in Arizona by the Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) over the weekend.

The center, based in Tuscon, shared a post on Facebook about the rescue, revealing that they had received multiple reports about the RV and its concerning condition. PACC says the mobile home was 101 degrees inside and covered in feces and urine, with trash piled up around the outside of RV.

All of the rescued animals appear to have upper respiratory issues, PACC says. All of the cats, except for two, appear lethargic. One cat was found dead.

Maine Coon shot

A young family has been left “horrified” and “outraged” after their Maine Coon Louie was shot by an air rifle in north Auckland.

Sophie Bloy said her pet Louie was “really quiet” and not eating on Saturday after returning home with a wound on his side, which the Bloys thought was an abscess.

The scientist that is the drinking cat!

If you missed this story cats are even cleverer than you may think and have 'an innate understanding of fluid dynamics gravity and inertia.' The tip of the tongue hardly brushes the liquid and is rapidly pulled back this creates a pool of milk which the cat captures by shutting its mouth. The pool is a balance between gravity and inertia - now you know.

First Cat in UK to have had the coronaviorus

A cat in Weybridge Surry UK was the first to have been infected with the Coronavirus in the UK as far as experts know - a press story reveals today - interestingly never mind how many tests have been carried out on people I can't imagine that many have been carried out on cats. Well one has anyway!

The Great Catskill rules the Catworld!

It appears that the world of cats will be threatened by a new virus that threatens humanity can the great Catskill save them?