Cat who predicts death among patients

Oscar the cat at Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre, Providence, Rhode Island, has the uncanny ability to predict when a patient is hours away from death. For five years the cat has been doing this and has even proven to predict a patients death better than the staff who work at the hospital and were originally convinced the cat predictions were a fluke.

The tortoiseshell and white cat spends its days pacing from room to room, rarely spending any time with patients except those with just hours to live. If kept outside of a room, Oscar will scratch the door attempting to get in.

Dr Dosa of the centre suggests Oscar is able - like dogs, which can reportedly smell cancer - to detect ketones, the distinct odor biochemical’s given off by dying cells. The patients and family’s of those there are grateful for Oscar since he can give them a forewarning and increase the likelihood the family will spend the last few hours with their loved one, or in other circumstances, are grateful that the cat will be there with them if they cannot be.


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