Cats Shot by Guns

A DISTRAUGHT cat owner has hit out after her beloved pet was hit and badly injured by a pellet from an air rifle.
Mrs Jacqui Vallender's cat Captain needed surgery after the attack and is still recovering from the trauma. "I can't believe anyone would do this deliberately. I would like to think it was a mistake but I can't understand what people are doing with air rifles," said Mrs Vallender, of Stratton Close, Brighouse.

Source : The Brighouse Echo March 2010:

The Gun Control Network says more and more cats are falling victim to airgun attacks. It recently published details of 66 reported airgun incidents between January 6th and May 25 2010 of which 42 were cat related.
The RSPCA says in the last 18 months up to June 2010 it has dealt with 290 incidents in which cats have been targeted with air guns.

Source Your Cat August edition 2010: Full article


  1. These are evil things and children are using them to try and injure cats in horrific ways. Everyone should support the Gun Control Network activity.

  2. Gun control is a difficult area and the police are very strict on licensing these days. Air guns are difficult and while youngsters should not have a simple licensing system on purchase would help.

  3. It happens everywhere - these guns are dangerous. I should know I had one as a kid and is could blow big holes from a short distance.

  4. This is shocking and must be stamped out

  5. I used to know someone who did this. They thought it was funny at the time, but, I guess it can cause some real problems.