Mia-ow! £1million spent on pet rescues

Firefighters have spent more than £1million on pet rescues in the last 2 years, shock new figures have revealed.
West Midlands Fire Crews were called to help 401 animals...Last night Fiona McEvoy from the Taxpayers Alliance questioned the cost of the operations. She said: "Though no-one would want to hear of an animal suffering, it's vital that the response of the fire service is proportionate...in many instances, the bill for the rescue operations should probably fall on the pet owner."
A national survey said the most frequently rescued animals in the last two years were cats with 2,826 call outs.

Source: Sunday Mercury 8 August 2010 adam.aspinall@sundaymercury.net


  1. Yet another attack on cat owners - how many dosg have to be rescued in a year?

  2. Awww how can people not want to rescue a cat? especially that little grey cutey!! nom nom nom nom