£8,000 Debt For Midlands Cat Charity

Midlands Cat Charity “Central Cat Rescue” is £8,000 in debt since it changed from an organisation into a charity from February last year. Founder and chairwoman, Jacqui Goucher, said it needs a cash boost with the recession having hit the donations hard. She’s even had her credit card taken off her after using £3,000 to help out the charity. Despite the debts Jacqui says the charity will get by and stick around, although it cannot take on any more animals. It’s currently attempting to re-home more than 70 cats in its care, among them is Vinnie, a cat shot in the stomach just two weeks ago, left with a small pink bald patch on his stomach since being operated on by vets. To learn more about the charity or to help out visit www.centralcatrescue.co.uk

Source: Birmingham Mail – Friday August 27 2010


  1. I haven;t heard anymore are they still open?

  2. Don't know will try to find out