MP's Wife admits to stealing kitten

Birmingham Lib-Dem John Hemming's wife has admitted the accusations of her breaking into her husbands mistress's house and stealing her kitten are true.

Christine Hemming, 52, has offered to buy Emily Cox a new cat to replace tabby, Beauty, who is still currently missing.

Ms Cox, 32, is the mother of Hemming's daughter, Isabel aged 4.

Mrs Hemming says of her actions that it was "A mistake" and added: "I would like to make it up with the offer of another cat. It was only a young cat, as I understand it and a relationship had not developed that much. I’m prepared to buy a similar kitten."

Mr Hemming posted about the missing cat on his blog and told press that the kitten was Isabel’s.

"Beauty has a brother called Twinkle who is pining for her, as is Isabel."

"I know this is a dream story for newspapers: the MP, his wife, his girlfriend and a kitten – but it is very serious because there is a kitten missing out there."


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