Electrifying cat tricks

No fewer than three rescue teams had to come to Freddy's aid. The RSPCA, Wiltshire Fire and Rescue and Southern Electric mounted a joint operation to bring the brave cat down.


Brave: Freddy clings to electricity wires awaiting help

Freddy's adventure started when he decided to climb up a pole full of electric wires just yards from his home.

Incredibly he did not touch any 'live' wires and was still hanging on for dear life 18 hours later when rescuers eventually arrived to help him.

Electrical engineer Richard Sewell used a fibre-glass ladder and specialist gloves to grab Freddy.

He managed to bring him to safety with assistance from the RSPCA and the fire brigade.

Freddy then ran home to owner Emma Evans, 33.


'Playful': owner Emma Evans says the escapade is typical of Freddy, who 'likes attention'

Southern Electric said: 'He was two inches from death. Another two inches and he would have been on the 240 volt wire and he would have been electrocuted.'

Mother of two Mrs Evans,said: 'He has certainly used up one of his nine lives. He is so playful.

'It is the sort of thing he does. He likes a lot of attention.'

Source the Daily Mail - see link


  1. This isn't a new story but it has such electrifying qualities we had to put it in

  2. Couldn't agree more - shocking tail!

  3. Spacecattain USAMonday, January 17, 2011

    They will climb anywhere but often if frightened!