A Cat to Clean Up Politics…

Rats have always been a problem in politics.

But after one was spotted trotting boldly down the street outside Number 10 last week, drastic action was needed.

So, 14 years after the resident ratcatcher was banished, David Cameron is to recruit another Downing Street cat.

Humphrey, the last Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, was said to have been expelled by Cherie Blair.

Named after the mandarin in the comedy Yes Prime Minister, he was retired six months after the Blairs arrived.

But the move to introduce a new ratcatcher comes after one bold rodent was captured on television stalking the pavement outside the famous black door last week.

SOURCE: The Daily Mail 25th January 2011


  1. Someones got to do it!!!

  2. Perfect - there's more than 1 rat that has lived in Downing St

  3. There's always been cats in Downing St but I think Gordon got rid of the last one - anybody know?