A dog sniffed out two kittens that were dumped in a cardboard box in Pype Hayes Park, Birmingham!

The box was found in bushes by the Golden retriever Leal. Within the box were two freezing cold and hungry moggies left carelessly.

The poor little kittens were covered in their own excrement, and were so lifeless they could not even meow.

However, all thanks to Leal and his owners they are now healthy and looking for a new home.

The kittens were in a microwave oven box which had been taped up tightly to stop them getting out.

Karen said:

“We’re so glad we found them clinging to life – it was almost dark and they’d have been dead for sure the next morning.”

Source: The Birmingham Mail 17/02/2011


  1. This is typical - people shouldn't do such things. Let's be sensible

  2. Why seal them in - this was evil really

  3. If the owners never wanted them, they should have given them to care. But to do something like this is disgusting

  4. And we all hate it but let's be realistic it happens. We shouldn't over romanticise the cat thing but look after them and don't abuse them - that's all you can ask!

  5. Thank god for dogs that's the third rescue recently where a dog stepped in to find cats!

  6. This is on par with burying a human alive, just imagine what those cats must have experienced. No living thing should be forced to go through this. I think this is a trait of sociopath behavior which could mean more is yet to come.