16-year-old admits to burning cat to death

The 16-year-old Lacon boy admitted the allegations of aggravated cruelty to animals and was scheduled to be sentenced May 23 after a psychiatric evaluation.

The young boy "Poured fuel on the cat, lit it on fire, the cat died," the teen had told police in a brief written statement that was read in court.

The act followed the teen's offer to kill 17-year-old Baxter "humanely" on Feb. 26 with a bullet to the head at the request of an owner whose son was a friend of the youth, State's Attorney Paul Bauer said in court. The teen claimed he had done that for other people who wanted to save the money of going to a veterinarian, Bauer added as he summarized police reports.

"He promised it would be quick and painless," Bauer said.

The youth and a friend took Baxter to a farm where they met two other teens and used chainsaw fuel to ignite the fire, Bauer said. The cat escaped from a melting plastic carrier and ran into a shed, the prosecutor noted.

Two days later, the teen "was bragging about how he set the cat on fire and it lived for 10 minutes," Bauer said. The act also was reportedly captured in a cell phone video, Bauer added, but authorities have not found it

The teen gave clear yes and no answers to questions from Circuit Judge Kevin Galley during the hearing. But neither he nor his parents showed visible emotion.

Two other Lacon boys, both 16, have been charged with the same offense as juveniles, while Derek J. Weide, 17, of rural Magnolia has been charged as an adult. All three have pending court dates.

Source: News Tribune

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