Cat poisoner at large

DEVASTATED owners are spending thousands of pounds trying to protect their pets from a cat killer.

Eight cats have died after being poisoned with anti-freeze, while two have vanished without trace.

Police are now investigating the mystery, which has seen a community living in fear at what might happen to their feline friends.

However, residents are also doing what they can to find the culprit and stop the killings, putting up posters warning the community and investing in security systems.

Terry Lewis, of Saxon Close, Runwell, who has had three cats killed, forked out £10,000 in vet bills in a bid to save two of his pets, while also paying out £3,000 for a private security firm to monitor the area.

Carol and Richard Howarth, of nearby Egbert Gardens, Runwell, have shelled out nearly £800 on an electronic fence to try to stop their new kitten Mylo leaving the garden.

The couple took the precaution after their cat Roo went missing in December and her other, Tigger, disappeared in March.

Mrs Howarth said: “Both our cats were microchipped and even if they had been run over, the chances are we would have found out about it.

“We’ve spoken to Chelmsford and Basildoncouncils and they’ve never found any cats matching their description. I definitely think there’s someone behind this.”

Her husband Richard, 42, said: “I think it’s some nasty person who doesn’t like cats messing in their gardens.”

Along with the two cats the Howarths have lost, seven cats belonging to families in Saxon Close, Runwell, and another cat in nearby Viking Way, have been killed.

The deaths began in October 2010 with the most recent cat Leo, belonging to Mr Lewis, died just two weeks ago.

Cats are attracted to the taste of anti-freeze but it crystallises in their kidneys causing renal failure.

Police have carried out inquiries in the area while the Environment Agency has carried out tests on a stream that runs through Saxon Close to see if it was contaminated with anti-freeze.

However, the tests proved negative


  1. This poisoning thing is very worrying the more people are aware that antifreeze can kill cats the more some evil people do it!

  2. Lots of info on antifreeze poisoning here:

    ...and a petition to sign asking for legislation to make manufacturers add a bitterant to all antifreeze products to deter cats and dogs from trying to drink them here:

    Please sign and share the petition around. It could save lives!


  3. Great thinking - let's pass it on