Dozens of dead cats found in Herndon home

Authorities are looking for the owner of an abandoned home in Herndon Wednesday after they discovered between 20 and 30 dead cats inside.

The cats were found in the home, located in the 1300 block of Summerfield Drive Tuesday night.

Animal control officers worked through the night to remove the animal carcasses, which were also found in the garage.

Fairfax County Police spokesperson Lucy Caldwell said animal control officers saw what appeared to be a dead cat in the window of the house at about 3:30 p.m. while they were chasing two dogs through the neighborhood.

The Herndon Police and Fairfax County Police were called and obtained a search warrant to go into the residence.

Police said the woman who owns the home appears to have not lived there for some time. They are not calling this a case of animal hoarding until they locate the owner.

Meanwhile, The Board of Zoning has condemned the home.

Source: TBD online

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