And is this why cats make us sneeze?

Scientists may have found the key to developing a drug that stops allergic reactions to cats, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

They have worked out how the animals can trigger reactions which range from a fit of sneezes to a dangerous asthma attack. The breakthrough could lead to a pill that eases the effects of the allergy of millions.

What’s more, the drug could nip other allergies in the bud, from hay fever to irritating reactions to house dust mites.

Cat allergy is the most common pet allergy, causing itchy eyes, rashes and sneezing. It also triggers or exacerbates asthma in up to 40 per cent of those with the condition.

The allergy is mainly caused by a protein called Fel D1,it is made by the salivary and hair root glands, and when cats wash themselves, they transfer it to their fur and skin. Microscopic flakes of cat skin, dander, are breathed in from the air, walls or clothing and cause problems when they are wrongly identified as being a threat by the ‘watch-man’ cells if the immune system.

These dendritic cells then send signals to the other immune cells to mobilise, creating the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. This is good progress being made. I have friends who have allergic reaction to my cat, but would love to play around with it and be friendly but can't.