Firefighters rescue Burnley cat from under house extension

A CAT called Mischief lived up to her name when she disappeared underneath a house extension in Burnley – and had to be rescued by firefighters.

Black-and-white moggie Mischief was known to like her creature comforts and rarely went out so the pair began to draw up ‘missing’ posters for their feline friend.

But their next-door neighbours told the Nazurallys that they had heard miaowing coming from beneath an extension, which is currently under construction.

Mischief had managed to crawl through a small gap in the building’s shell and was trapped in a void underneath the floor.

His parents Emma and Simon initially thought they should contact either the RSPCA or police, before Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service was called in.

Watch manager Andy Coulton said: “It was just about possible for someone to fit underneath the floor-boards so we sent one of the firefighters down.”

Within minutes Burnley intrepid firefighter Shaun Farraday had emerged clutching a dusty and somewhat shaken Mischief.

Emma said: “The firefighter just managed to squeeze under the floor.

“He was quite big and we didn’t think he would make it, but he did.

“Mischief has been a bit quiet since she came out – I think she scared herself a bit.

“She doesn’t normally even leave the house.”

Lancashire Telegraph

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  1. How often does a cat get under floorboards? Answer - too often!