Meet the real atomic kitten

Two former Midland women are helping spearhead a campaign to rescue animals from the nuclear exclusion zone around Fukushima in Japan.

In the immediate aftermath of the nuclear meltdown at the stricken power plant which followed the March 11 Japanese Earth quake and tsunami, thousands of families were ordered to evacuate a 20km zone – but no provision was made for their family pets. Which is where the ARK, Animal Rescue Kansai, formed by Brit Elizabeth Oliver in the city of Osaka in 1990, stepped in.

The Sprightly 70-year-old has co-ordinated efforts to rescue more than 100 dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and horses from the fall out zone. The pets are brought back to the charity offices in the cities of Osaka and Tokyo where they are treated and offered either permanent or temporary homes.

The team of carers consists of Wolverhampton vet Marisa Myamoto, who is in her 30’s and formerly worked with the PDSA who said,

“the animals that are rescued have to go through radiation checks and we take photographs and pass the pictures on to the local press and authorities and put them on our website so that people can come forward to claim them”.

For more about ARK – if you would like to make a donation the charity has a UK bank account,

Lloyds Bank Jersey,

Account name: Animal Refuge Kansai ARK,

Account number: 01381476

Sort code: 30-94-61

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  1. It's good to see people caring about the helpless creatures from these disasters.