Moggy paddle! Cat left paralysed after car crash learns to walk again by taking SWIMMING lessons

A cat paralysed after being hit by a car is learning to walk again - by taking swimming lessons.

Mog the grey tabby lost the use of his front two legs but is slowly learning to use them again in a hydrotherapy pool normally used by more enthusiastic dogs.

Mog can now bear his own weight on his front two legs after ten lessons in the pool.
He has now been attending the £30 sessions for ten weeks and has made has made a 'vast improvement', according to Mrs Ashworth

Trainer Ros Boisseau said Mog was the first cat she had ever treated at the centre and she was 'amazed' with by his progress.

She said: 'The first time I put him in the water he looked at me in horror but I told Veronica to call him and then he meowed at her and struck out across the pool to her.

'By using and stretching out his legs he is slowly regaining the strength in them.

'He really is amazing. I've never treated a cat with hydrotherapy before - cats don't tend to like swimming.

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  1. Good to see the mog making a recovery.