Apocalypse Meow

Global destruction has finally come down to kittens, as I knew it always would (being a dog person and all). The wingnuts of the political left have now gotten around to blaming kitties for the coming environmental meltdown.

Snowball, Midnight and Tiger are stalking our planet, not only making it warmer, but also making little ladies crazy.

Here's how it works:

"... how much damage could one pathetic little furball really do? As it turns out, a lot. Any cat owner who's ever found a mouse corpse thoughtfully placed on her pillow knows that cats are efficient hunters. Domestic cats, officially considered an invasive species, kill at least a hundred million birds in the US every year -- dwarfing the number killed by wind turbines. (See "Apocalypse Meow," below.) They're also responsible for at least 33 avian extinctions worldwide. A recent Smithsonian Institution study found that cats caused 79 percent of deaths of juvenile catbirds in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Bad news, since birds are key to protecting ecosystems from the stresses of climate change -- a 2010 study found that they save plants from marauding insects that proliferate as the world warms.

"What's more, feral cats can carry some heinous people diseases, including rabies, hookworm, and toxoplasmosis, an infection known to cause miscarriages and birth defects. (There's also speculation that it can trigger schizophrenia and even the desire to be around cats -- some researchers blame the crazy-cat-lady phenomenon on toxo.)"

You have been warned.


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