Human names prove a more popular choice for cats

Britons are rejecting traditional pet names for their cats and dogs in favour of those normally given to children, according to research.

Families are more likely to call their cats Charlie than Tiddles, while dog names such as Rover and Spot are losing out to Max and Millie.

A study of 36,000 pets found Poppy was the most popular name for cats and dogs.

The study found celebrities’ names – including J-Lo, Shakira, Clint Eastwood and – are another popular choice for pets. And football supporters keen to show their allegiance to their favourite players are choosing names such as Rooney, Torres, Beckham and Giggs.

Inspiration is also derived from food an drink, with pets named Twix, Carmac, Bacon, Kebab, Brandy, Pepsi, Whisky and Guinness.

The top 10 cat names are 1 Poppy, 2 Oscar, 3 Charlie, 4 Molly, 5 Daisy, 6 Millie, 7 Alfie, 8 Rosie, 9 Tigger, 10= Bella, Max, Monty.

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