Hunt for the cat poisoner who has killed 20 beloved pets with anti-freeze

A cat killer has poisoned more than 20 cats in an historic market town over the last two-and-a-half years.

Police are baffled as to the identity of the person who is targeting the pets, all of whose owners lived within a mile of each other.

Now residents are calling on police to find the killer, whose victims are all from the Heath area of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, before he or she strikes again.

In 2008, resident Tracy Salmon’s two cats were killed with days of each other. And last weekend, her beloved pet Chloe was poisoned.

Mrs Salmon, 47, a mobile hairdresser, is now fearful for the safety of her five-year-old cat Annie and has called on police to catch the killer as soon as possible.

She said: ‘We really can’t believe it has happened to us again.

‘The police and everyone else are trying their best to find the cause but we just don’t seem to be getting any closer to getting an answer.

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