Evil burglar threatened to kill cats

A BURGLAR has been jailed for four years after he threatened to kill a woman’s three pet cats as she caught him red handed raiding her home.

Gavin Smith, of Windmill end, Netherton, left his 54-year-old victim badly traumatised.

She spotted Smith, aged 29, running down her stairs and called out to him “You haven’t hurt my cats?”

But he shouted to her open the front door, and told her “Quick or I will kill your cats.”

He then snatched her purse as he made his getaway.

Paul Reid, prosecuting told Wolverhampton Crown Court that before smashing his way in to the woman’s home Smith has burgled a second house in Buffery Road, Dudley.

Recorded, David Hertbert said Smith, a drug addict, had a “bad criminal record going back 10 years” and he had targeted the woman because he was after her jewellery.

Mr Reid said Smith was quickly arrested after police found one of his finger prints on computer game box inside the property of the cat owner.

In a victim impact statement the woman said she had been so badly shaken she had been forced to miss work.

However Smith stated he had no intention at all to carry out the threat.

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