The Mounties Seek Cat Killer

The Mounties in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, are urging residents to keep a close watch on their pets following a recent string of disturbing attacks on cats.In each case, the cat was dismembered and had parts dumped on the lawn of a home.
Ridge Meadows RCMP Cpl. Alanna Dunlop said three cats have been reported killed and mutilated — one a month in July, August and September.Dunlop said some parts of the animals were missing. "By what we do have, we know that they were cats," she said.
Dunlop said police do not have any suspects, but the incidents appear to be linked. The department is looking to hear more from the public, including tips or evidence around who might be responsible. Dunlop said the police department is "very concerned" about these mutilations. "That type of behaviour, in my policing experience, is extremely rare and very troubling," she said.Dunlop said there is evidence that violence against animals can also escalate to more serious crimes later in life.

The Source CBC news


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