Cat disease creates pleasure in human brain!

It was very recently learned that in the human brain a common cat parasite directly changes neurotransmitters. A Stanley Medical Research Institute and Dunhill Medical Trust  research team found that this parasite causes production and release of many times the normal amount of dopamine in infected brain cells.  Dopamine helps run our brains’  pleasure centre, and it affects emotions (fear, for example). 
This possibly makes people like cats, want to bring them home, adopt kitties, etc.   Some tests have been done and there is a correlation between infection and certain behavioral tendencies such a jealousy in men and moralistic behavior in women.
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  1. So they are using tricks to get your attention!

  2. I sounds frightening - I couldn't cope with cats at all and then one day this creature got into my life and after a while I couldn't resist it! Argh it was the bug.