Dogs trained to kill cats

In an horrific attack on an 8 year old male cat a group of men set off a lurcher dog to deliberately maim and kill the cat. The cat suffered such injuries that it had to be put down. While the attack occurred in Darlington there have been reports of other such attacks in the area. The police have described it as 'cat coursing' but are operating a zero tolerance policy. It would seem that the dogs are being trained to fight and the cats provide a target that will fight back. There are also reports from Scotland, the West Midlands and areas where fighting dogs are being secretly trained. Any one caught faces the likelihood of an immediate custodial sentence.

                                                      Alan Leggett pictured with his dead cat.

Source Daily Mail Oct 31

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  1. PennyforyourthoughtsFriday, November 04, 2011

    Simple answer put the perpetrators in with a dog and defend themselves,