Cat Bats Flap

How do you feel at 6.30 in the morning when you are woken by what appears to be the mother of all flap battles! The cat  flap was being smashed to pieces but indeed when I dragged myself out of my bed two of our cats Chevy and Sheba came running upstairs for safety. The masked intruder known as Patch was sitting silently in the back porch. There had been a battle for the flap which no-one had won . Such is the nature of cat politics - Patch is the masked stranger who for some reason has chosen to become a member of our household. He stared at me with an air of innocence but at least the battle of the flap was over.

                                                                       Easy to get in!


  1. PennyforyourthoughtsTuesday, February 07, 2012

    You are clever to allow peace to reign!

  2. My home is a state of potential warfare and the intruder always wins!