Cat freed after being trapped in car engine for 7 days

A lucky black cat has been reunited with his owner after being trapped underneath a car bonnet for a full week.

13-year-old Draco had gone missing after being chased by a dog outside his home in Devon.

His owner, Damien Phoenix, had been searching for him ever since but after a week had gone by with no sign, he had almost given up hope.

Phoenix said: "I called him and called him, but he was nowhere to be seen.  I thought he had disappeared for good."

However, whilst running a routine vehicle inspection on a neighbour's car, mechanics at the local garage were astonished to find Draco trapped inside next to the radiator.

The automobile had been driven on two journeys totalling 20 miles in the days since Draco became trapped inside. Part of the engine had to be removed in order to free him.

The car belonged to a neighbour's daughter and had been parked outside her home. Mr Phoenix thinks the cat must have climbed up the underside of the car and got stuck once inside.

Draco had gone without food or water the entire time, and could hardly walk once he was freed. However, after a check-up with the vet, he was reunited with his owner and is now on the mend.

Phoenix said: "He came off remarkably well considering. It could have been a lot worse. He's used up at least one of his lives there!"

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