Captain Jack gets comfortable

Captain Jack or Patch is an interloper, a passing stranger who has decided to use our facilities at his leisure and pleasure - featured here enjoying 'It's a Wonderful Life' over Christmas. He appears to be intimidated by Chevy ( Chevy as in 'Chevy Chase' because he was found as a tiny thing hiding in Cannock Chase)   the 'resident male' while Patch is enamoured by Sheba (the Dark Queen) the resident female who noses him if she feels like it. The Captain Jack connection comes because he appears to be wearing a couple of eye patches! One day someone who owns him may claim him back as you can see he is very uncomfortable.

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely room you have provided for him, he looks nicely relaxed and entertained.

    One little niggle, the lovely dish on the coffee table that is filled with human sweeties, it really ought to be filled with cat crunchers.