Cat vigilante shaves cats

In Bedford in the UK a cat vigilante struck in April seizing 10 year old Becks and shaved a large patch on his back and then writing the words 'Please neut this cat'. Becks who was neutered may have been mistaken for an aggressive cat that had been causing problems in the area. Apparently the cat shaver has resurfaced with the same message on another cat's back. It's difficult to know if it is a cat hater or someone who thinks that are trying to spread a neutering message. The RSPCA have condemned the action not least because of the distress caused to the cat but also the physical harm caused by the rough shaving.
                    Someone suggested if they find the perpetrator they could try this on him!

Original Story April Daily Mail 2013

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  1. Putting a paper collar with a pro-neutering message has got to be more effective than hurting the cat by shaving it!!