Plague bodies found in London

The 15 billion crossrail project in the city of London has unearthed 14 bodies in Charterhouse Squre in Farringdon London revealing a previously unknown Black Death pit. There apparently is no danger of there being an remaining plague viruses ready to surface and strike again. Nonetheless the internationalisation of trade and the increasing resistance of bacteria shows the threat cannot be ignored.

Writer Michael Hanlon has analysed the real threat of plague from a variety of sources and the conclusion 'We know our enemy and we are on its case but unfortunately in genetic terms, our enemy knows us.' 'Inevitably one day a microscopic ball will shuffle its genes around in the body of a chicken or perhaps a pig  ( or some domestic pet very close to us) and a killer of biblical proportions will emerge. It won't be the end of the world but it will feel like it for anyone unlucky enough to be around at the time'.

                                                      The flea that could still kill

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