Cats all at sea

Poussey - that's how the French spell Pussy - lives in Le Havre with maman ( mummy) Sandrine. One day he felt like a little trip across the channel so got on board a P&O ferry destined for Dover. The problem was without a pet passport Poussey would have to be 'disposed' of on the cat 'death row'. Fortunately Poussey was taken in hand by Vet Jeremy Statterfield who gave him all the jabs and a pet passport and located his chip with an address - sadly his 'old' address! Fortunately maman who was searching for Pussey went to their old home address and found a letter from Jeremy. Oh what joy but what on earth was he doing in England? All is well as Poussey has returned home to a royal welcome. Who says cats can't travel?

Source: Daily Mail 2013

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