Updated Cat 'Plague' symptoms

The general symptoms of the so-called 'Cat Plague' have now been updates to incorporate the latest research on the condition.
Stage One
General lethargy followed by a total lack of interest in any food. Drinking and liquid intake stops almost completely.
Stage Two
This is indicated by excessive licking and cleaning. This phase goes on for several days - a rash appears on the underbelly and steps need to be taken to prevent cleaning of this area using a collar.
Stage Three
Vomiting follows unless the medication is having impact and then involuntary muscle spasms.
Final Stage
The the loss of bodily control and eventually severe shakes jerking the animals head violently. This 'shuddering' can then lead to paralysis and death.

Outbreaks are limited and seem to decline as cats in an area of high feral populations dies out!

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  1. Is this part of your novel? If this is part of your fictional writing, perhaps you could consider stating it is so. Cats face enough prejudice and cruelty already without someone encouraging further cruelty and killing by posting fiction as fact.

    You don't seem to understand how irresponsible it is to post fiction as fact.