45 Cats Vanish in 5 years

Over the last 5 years there have been a reported 45 missing cats all within a half mile of the same street, and potentially more who have not been reported. The small market town in Britain where the events have been taken place have left homeowners fearing that their pets have fallen victim to cat thieves or people with otherwise malicious intent for the animals. Over the 5 years and still at present, no bodies have been found of the missing pets causing difficulty for the RSPCA to get any leads or help further their investigation.

Residents are concerned that their cats are being used for something, such as their pelts or for some form of meat to be made into a meal.

The disappearance of so many pets has caused residents to fear for replacing their pets in case the same occurrence happens again. The RSPCA is now refusing to re-home cats into the area because of safety concerns. There have been no witnesses of anyone “catnapping” animals off the street or any bodies discovered. Several collars have been found, but gave no indication as to where the animals had gone or any useful information. Many of the cats were electronically tagged so that even without their collar if discovered and taken to a vet could be identified and returned to the right owner, but no such luck for residents of this market town as their pets have all been missing without a trace.

Source: The Daily Telegraph – Nick Britten – October 2008


  1. This happens in different places at different times - I'm not surprised! The should be a central record but all cats should be chipped anyway what about a licence?