Air Rifle Cat Attacks

Cats across Britain are often subject to unnecessary air gun attacks by children and young adults who have no regard for the safety of others. Such is the case with Phoebe, a cat owned by Maria Walpole from Northfleet, after being shot by air rifle pellets to the extent that one severed the animals spine. The cat was rushed to the vet to be treated, and supported for a few days in the hope that there would be signs of recovery but it was later decided it would be more humane to put Phoebe to sleep. Maria’s other two cats also suffered from being shot at by the air gun weapon but their injuries did not lead to such fatal results.

Air gun attacks in Britain are more common during school holidays and attacks on small animals such as birds and cats can lead to them becoming severely maimed and has the potential to kill. It is illegal to use an air gun unsupervised by an adult if you are under the age of 18 and these careless acts are an indication of why such a law is in place.


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  1. Airguns need banning, they are seen as toys by ignorant parents and their children. There is no need for anyone in this country to have any kind of gun at all.

    RIP poor Phoebe