5 Cats poisoned, 4 dead

Five cats from Tipton and Swadlincote of the Midlands have all been taken to the vets within a week suffering from vomiting and weakness. RSPCA Inspector Jayne Bashford said “We believe they were intentionally fed anti-freeze” and that she is investigating two of the cats who are believed to be poisoned. The deaths are believed to be intentional, and if caught the culprit will face a fine up to £20,000 as well as six months imprisonment. Empty food sachets were found near the houses of the cats being investigated with their contents smelling strongly of chemicals. Cats are drawn to the taste of anti-freeze, a chemical often used by people with intent to poison cats, and while lethal the chemical is claimed to have a sweet taste.

Source: Daily Telegraph – “Daily Telegraph Reporter” – February 2010

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