Cat Killer Moves Operation

A person suspected responsible for the deaths of 18 cats in Bridgewater may have moved his cat killing operation to Weston-super-Mare, less than 20 miles away, after 9 new deaths have been reported all with similar circumstances.

The pets have all been poisoned with the chemical antifreeze which causes agonising deaths to the cats if not treated generally in less than 3 hours. Symptoms that develop cause the cat to suffer thirst, feeling lethargic, unsteady balance, vomiting, shaking, oral ulcers and collapsing.

The RSPCA said its investigation into the deaths is split between searching for a malicious killer to a possible innocent source of the chemical. It is also a possibility that there is another person killing cats in a similar fashion to the original in Bridgewater. If the cat killer is found, the charges of causing unnecessary suffering to animals can lead to a £20,000 fine and 6 months in prison. The police have stated they are supporting the RSPCA in the investigation.



  1. The trouble with this story is that other nutters copy it! A copy cat killer!!!!

  2. Why won't the importers of antifreeze add a bitterant to the chemical to make it less attractive to cats? It would cost less than 1p per litre to the consumer.