The Cat Burglars

Our former neighbour had much to fear from Ruffy when he was a young cat as he removed one large steak from her kitchen table when she was preparing her husband’s dinner. The first we knew about it was when a large T bone steak dropped through the cat flap followed by Ruffy who was very defensive of his new found prey!
So are cat flaps dangerous?

A number of recent reports in the English press have highlighted the potential dangers of cat flaps. It sn’t so much the problem of cats with stolen goodies but burglars using the flaps to intrude hooks into the house to lift off car or house keys.

In Cambridgeshire, over £1,000 of property was stolen after thieves gained access through the catflap. The technique has been used across the UK including Northumberland and Durham.

These cat burglars while using flaps have as far as we know have not engaged the help of real cat burglars like Ruffy.
The police will really have to watch out if cats’ planned robberies for their own self interest!

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  1. This is a real problem and cat owners need to beware of the problem. I even know cat owners who have left their back door open to let the cat in and out. Very often favourite windows are left half open for the same purpose.