The Cat Catchers Arrive: A Transcript

The following is a transcript of a dramatic conversation as the cat catchers arrive to seek out hidden cats:
‘Look, we have certain emergency powers under this legislation and we can enter your home and search. Anyone found harbouring fugitive cats will be arrested and prosecuted. This is a very serious matter. The vet has told us you have another two cats and we’ve confirmed sightings from an informant that the cats have been seen about in the recent past. So would you like to bring the cats to us?’
‘I’ve told you there aren’t any here and I know my rights as well as you. Even under the emergency laws you have to have a search warrant before you can come in. The cats have gone. They were taken to be destroyed because we wanted to do it before this happened.’
‘So where are they?’
‘Where – what vet?’
‘Privately destroyed.’
‘Go – they’ve gone and as far as I’m concerned you killed them.’
‘Listen – we’ll be back with a warrant and if they here and you’re harbouring these animals we’ll take them. All evidence shows that all cats have signs of the disease in their brains. It shows in different ways and the carriers are the most dangerous because while their brains show infection they don’t show it physically. They are the ones who must be hunted down and killed. ‘ He dropped his voice and spoke in a calm tone, ‘This thing,this condition has been contained in this area and we can’t threaten the rest of the country or possibly the lives of its people.’

The source: The Tenth Life copyright Mike Owen


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