Cat Killer Horrifically Tortured Cats

Anthony Docherty faces jail after he admitted cruelty charges against five animals. He was said to have snatched the pets from the streets of a prosperous suburb before subjecting them to terrifying ordeals.

The 23-year-old killed three of the cats. All were decapitated, two were scalped, and one had its tail pulled off. Docherty, of Clarkston, East Renfrewshire, caused the animals unnecessary suffering by screaming at them, pinching them and taping their paws together.

One of them was shouted at, pinched, and bound before Docherty inserted a foreign object into its body, causing internal damage.

The horrific acts have lead to revulsion among those that knew Docherty and in court he faces jail time pending results of psychiatric reports and a full background report.


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