Cat stuck in car engine

A kitten was freed by mechanics after a 10 hour ordeal under the bonnet of a car. The kitten had snuck onto the engine of a Land Rover in Tamworth at 8 a.m. and went along with the driver, unaware, to Erdington. Around lunchtime, residents heard the meowing coming from under the bonnet and tried to coax out the small animal before calling the RSPCA and Cats Protection. However the kitten had decided to abandon the Land Rover and move to the engine of a red sports car.

However when Cats Protection volunteers arrived the cat had changed cars once more, now into a Renault Megane where it had tucked itself inside and got stuck. The owners of the vehicle when they returned opened the bonnet but the kitten was not able to be safely removed from the recesses of the engine. The only solution was to drive the car, cat on board, to the nearby Abbey Service Centre. The Centre had closed by the time the car had arrived but the mechanics were called back in. By 6:30 p.m. the kitten was freed by the mechanics who unscrewed the under carriage. Clive Edwards, one of the team working to rescue the kitten managed to grab the stowaway by the scruff of the neck before he attempted to dive deeper into the engine.

Source: Birmingham Mail – Jane Tyler – August 2009

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