Pets Poisoned, Eight Dead

Underwood Place in Bridge End, South Wales has had a number of recent deaths occurring in the local cat population, suspected to be murdered by a nearby resident.

Suspicion arose after Mrs John had two of her cats fall ill of similar conditions, showing symptoms of kidney failure, leading them to be put down. After the incidents Mrs John decided to warn nearby residents of potential rat poison or other substances that may naturally be around to cause the illness but discovered that many other neighbouring pet owners have had their cats fall victim to being poisoned.

Vets had discovered calcium crystals in the blood samples from the pets, a classic sign of poisoning by anti-freeze. Such a discovery has given residents no doubt that their pets had been poisoned by a malicious feline hater who must live nearby. Antifreeze is said to taste sweet and so the cats are believed to have been unwittingly drinking the substance left out with intent to cause their demise.


The cat killer has managed to get away with eight cat murders to date, leaving behind devastated pet owners. The deaths felt by the cats, until graciously put down by the local vet, were said to be painful and slow, causing involuntary fits and loss of control.

Residents are worried for their pets safety and have been advised to keep their cats indoors until the individual responsible is found.

Source: Daily Mail – Andrew Levy – August 2009

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