Cats buried with their owners

Since the Egyptian pharaohs various cultures had buried themselves alongside their most sacred, treasured or beloved pets. The practice is making a comeback it would appear with owners seeking burial requests with their favourite cats, dogs and even horses. Cemeteries in England have been approved to begin a new human and animal joint sections for people who are making such requests. The trend has been accelerated by the growth in “natural” sites for humans, using biodegradable coffins and often woodland settings without fixed lines of plots, making it much easier to add pets.

Animal burial has an ancient history. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt were buried alongside cats, monkeys and birds because they believed animals shared an afterlife with humans.

Anglo-Saxon nobles were usually interred with their possessions, including their horses.

The practice fell out of favour with the rise of Christianity, although the 19th century saw the creation of a pet cemetery in London’s Hyde Park.

Peoples love for their pets can be a strong bond and so to have this request of being buried alongside them is something that, although probably unaccepted 20 or 30 years ago, is making a comeback from the ancient times and becoming increasingly popular.

Source: The Sunday Telegraph – Alastair Jamieson – January 2010


  1. It's a bit of a myth about the cats of ancient Egypt being "beloved" pets, the family cat never lasted long, they were taken to temples and killed as sacrifices, often in the most hideous and brutal manner, to appease the gods and bring good fortune to the family. Ugh.

  2. Millions of cats were killed this way, it was seen as a sort of weekend treat for the family, take Tibbles to the temple to be killed.