Left or Right handed? What about your cat?

Studies have shown that cats have a preference between using their left paw and their right paw based on their gender. It is far more likely that your cat, if male, will be inclined to using his left paw for situations requiring a single stretched out paw for activities like clawing something out of a hole, while a female cat is most likely to use the right paw.


Experts on cats development can draw no logical reasons as to why the gender of the cats affects which paw they prefer to use for certain situations, since as hunters the feline species required agile use of both front paws. Speculation about hunting style variants between genders may be a factor into why this left paw or right paw preference exists, but there is no evidence to suggest this is the reason. In humans it is primarily males who will make up the majority of left handed individuals, the same situation that is occurring within the feline kingdom.

Source: Daily Mail – Fiona MacRae – August 2009

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