Cats saved from becoming food

Activists in Shanghai rescued around 300 cats, packed into wooden crates, that were going to be sold to restaurants in China for their meat. One of the activists involved, Lai Xiaoyu, said that the majority of the cats have been returned to their owners but sadly three had died and some were found with broken limbs.

The cats were squeezed into crates, some containing more than 20 cats each. Those who did not have owners to claim were offered up for adoption to loving owners or released in safe areas where volunteers care for strays.

Cats are not a protected animal in China and it is not illegal to eat them or trade them to restaurants where a cat will usually fetch an equivalent of £5 each. The cat dealer involved in the 300 so cats attempted to be sold was detained, but due to the Chinese laws on cats was later released without charge. Eating cat meat is a tradition in many parts of China, especially in southern regions, where some restaurants specialize in preparing the dishes.


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