Cats evolving to use the toilet

If you’ve ever seen the 2004 Ben Stiller movie “Meet the Fockers” in which Robert DeNiro’s cat is toilet trained to use a regular human toilet, then you already have an idea of what the Litter Kwitter product claims to be able to teach your cat. Inspired by the movie, Australian inventor, Joe Lapidge was inspired to create a product that would teach cats to use the toilet in the same fashion. Joe invented a three-stage approach to teaching cats of all ages how to use the lavatory traditionally exclusive to humans. The technique is to place the litter tray next to the toilet for several weeks before moving it on top of the toilet seat, again after an extended period, the litter tray then goes into the toilet with a small hole which over time gets bigger and bigger while the amount of cat litter gets smaller, teaching the pet to use the toilet seat and balance necessary to use it.

Fear not however, the cat wont be affected by any abnormal psychological side affects or behaviour, Joe consulted a specialist before bringing the product to market, and was actually endorsed by the RSPCA so should be perfectly safe should you wish your cat to take a further step up the social ladder.

Source: The Mail on Sunday – Polly Dunbar – December 2007

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