Nine Lives Lost from Antifreeze Poisoning

Cats have a fatal attraction to antifreeze, the chemicals give a sweet scent and taste to felines and when ingested have disastrous results. In the village of Matin Moor, Chesterfield, nine cats have died from the symptoms of antifreeze poisoning. Residents are worried their cats are being targeted by a cat killer with a grudge, while the RSPCA claim there may be innocent reasoning behind the deaths and there may just be an accidental antifreeze spillage in the area. Cats have been targeted by people with intent to kill in previous cases so the RSPCA has also stated that if anyone has any information regarding the suspicious deaths of the cats to report it to them. In cases where cats are being targeted by an individual, the RSPCA take it upon themselves to ensure cats are no longer given homes in that area until the situation is resolved.


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