Serial Cat Killer in Miami

A cat murderer in Miami has had a reward put on his head for his arrest after being suspect to killing over 25 cats. Three cats were found skinned and gutted on their owners lawns after a string of attacks over the previous month in Miami-Dade county.

The ways the cats have been skinned and murdered have developed into more horrific ways which take longer and longer to perform and due to the sadistic nature of the acts, police fear the man will move on to unleashing his violence towards humans. The reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction has reached $3,500.

Pet owners have been told by the Humane Society that they may be hampering the investigation by removing the bodies from their lawns before contacting police as the crime scene investigation team will need as much information unchanged to take the most from the scene. People are urged to not allow their cats outside at night and to keep outside lights on or motion sensors on to help deter the likelihood of their cats falling victim.


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