Risk of Human Strain of Shudder?

The disease which has claimed the lives of many of our feline companions could be capable of taking the genetic leap from cat to human. Locals are being advised to turn over any pet cats in their possession to the local authorities so that contamination risks of the 'shudder' jumping to a human host can be kept to a minimum. Researchers claim that the 'shudder', a violent disease causing involuntary muscle reactions and violent neck jerking is only a few steps away from the genetic leap into humans.

Currently Lichfield’s cat population is under quarantine but with the risk of humans becoming infected, should the disease make the jump the infection is likely to spread across Britain and cause widespread chaos. Scientists are rapidly seeking answers to many questions the shudder has caused, such as “What happens to surviving cats?” “What would happen to humans if they get the disease?” and “How long until there is a cure?”

Source: Post reporter - not for publication

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