Save Our Lichfield Cats

Online supporters of feline safety had set up a website to try to protect their beloved pets. The website has been banned and the authorities are monitoring any attempt to reinstate the site. The website offered support, ideas and discussion on what could be done to help counter the crisis Lichfield is facing with its cat population. Many members of the website were Lichfield cat owners signing up anonymously to share stories of distaste for what the authorities are trying to do to contain this exclusively local disease. Many users believed that their cats were being inhumanely treated and abused. While the District Council has stated that the precautions taken to ensure the safety of the whole popualtion are necessary.

Cat owners in Lichfield have been issued warnings about the new cat catching protocols being implemented with cat catchers being granted warrants in certain cases to help ensure no cats are being hidden. The cats in Lichfield are being taken to locations where, after being thoroughly checked and found clean, will be returned to their owners care. Cat owners who refuse to turn over their pets will risk facing a fine, as well as potential jail time.

Source: Reporter - not for publication 2010

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  1. This is something to really worry about and if you have had a bad experience with the catcatchers please let us know. They are behaving irresposibly and dangerously in our view.