Cat amputated on after being shot

Sparky, a three year old silver tabby was shot by an airgun in his back leg after being missing from his house in Caernarfon, Wales. His owner Lynette Bee found him lying under a neighbours hedge and rushed him to the vets. The X-ray uncovered that the pellet had shattered his right thigh and fears that Sparky would be exposed to serious infection. To save Sparky further discomfort or distress the decision was made to amputate the leg.

Lynette's 10 year old son, Dion, who is used having Sparky sleep regularly at the foot of his bed, was devastated about what happened to his pet.

Vets commonly encounter cats with pellets under the skin and are stating most people are probably unaware of how often this is happening. Lynette and the Vetinary clinic are seeking any information which can be provided by calling 0800 555111.

Source: Daily Post September 24th 2010 and

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