Cats develop 'super-vision'

Researchers have discovered that cats who are congenitally deaf experience enhanced remaining senses. The area of the brain that would normally pick up peripheral sound is rewired to pick up peripheral vision.

As a result deaf cats have an enhanced ability to observe moving objects. Dr Stephen Lomber of the Centre for Brain and Mind at the University of Ontario "The brain wants to compensate for the lost sense with enhancements that are beneficial."

Sources Nature Neuroscience Journal: Rebecca Smith Medical Editor Telegraph 11.10.10


  1. The'Tenth Life' explores the events that happen when cats demonstrate even more sensory awareness!!!

  2. This begins to be wierd - I knew my mother's cat used to watch everyhting I did when she was out and whispered in her ear when she came back but my mother was a witch!

  3. Was it a black cat?