Animal Infections Have Killed Numerous Children

The H1N1 Swine Flu strain that can be found in cats has killed 14 healthy British children. Three times as many under-16’s than have died from seasonal flu, according to research.

In nine months of the Swine Flu pandemic last year, Seventy deaths of children under 16 were recorded, more than have died from a single disease in almost a decade.

This could mean with the H1N1 modifying cats to carry the disease that a strain may be included in this years seasonal flu jab along with two other strains. The Government’s policy is to only offer the jab to risk groups, such as those with long-term illnesses. However research shows that of the disease, one in five of the children who died from swine flu, were previously healthy.

Source: Telegraph, October 27th 2010


  1. Cats can kill - tell me about it! Their toxicity levels are dire

  2. It's another conspiracy theory - swine flu was supposed to kill millions - it is horrible but don't blame cats